They all skate like women and the case of disappearing Olympic women sports

Gwen Knapp of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote an article regarding Evgeni Plushenko’s comments losing the men’s singles Olympic gold medal.  He executed a quad jump while the gold medalist Evan Lysacel didn’t but overall had a better performance.

According to Mr. Plushenko: “Without the quad, what’s the difference between men’s singles and women’s singles?” and that the competition was “…not men’s skating.  It’s a dance.”

Ms. Knapp points out that a woman skater named Miki Ando of Japan had already landed a quadruple jump but seven years ago.  “She finished third in the competition, which was not the best in the world. She landed that historic salchow at the Junior Grand Prix final.”

Recently, South Korean’s Yu-Na Kim won the gold medal in women’s figure skating with a world record total of 228.56 points.  Her performance is being compared to being one of the most memorable Olympic moments in history.  Not to bad for a girl.

On PBS’s NEWSHOUR, reporter Christine Brennan points out that IOC President Jacques Rogge has threaten to get rid of women’s hockey because the same countries always win.  He’s already gotten rid of women’s softball just when African young women were getting involved with the sport. Women’s sky jumping is no longer an Olympic sport.  Currently, Olympic games represent 60% male sports and 40% female sports.  IOC President and Federation Presidents, all men and decision makers, claim they want gender equality in Olympics sports.  However, actions speak louder than words.

So why is a sports article featured on a blog that supports women’s artists?  Gender equality transcends over many disciplines.

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