Artists and the Economic Recession Survey

More to share from the Dynamic Adaptability: New Thinking and New Strategies for the Arts conference.

Judilee Reed presented findings from an unreleased study on experiences of artists in 2009.  Ms. Reed is the Executive Director of Leveraging Investments in Creativity which builds and strengthens the infrastructure around American artists.

The Artists and the Economic Recession Survey, reviewed selected findings of the Bay area.  For example:

  1. Artists are more likely to have second jobs in the arts (commercial and non-profit).
  2. Are more affected financially by the recession -more declines in grant amounts, fewer sales of work, and greater declines in non-arts income.
  3. 6 in 10 artists made less than $40,000 in 2008, though most are college graduates.  (Of the $40,000, only $8000 is income directly from art)
  4. 51% decline in art sales in only 1 year.
  5. Artists have had to drop their prices.
  6. 4 in 10 artists do not have adequate health insurance and over half of those that do are worried about losing it.
  7. However artists are optimistic,  89% think artists have a special role in strengthening communities, 75% believe it is an inspiring time to be an artist.

There is more data and info at:

A few questions:

  1. Where do artists go from here?
  2. How do artists perceive value? Does value=sales?
  3. What keeps pushing artists forward?
  4. Are artists constantly in a state of recession anyways?

More highlights to follow…