Dynamic Adaptability: New Thinking and New Strategies for the Arts

Yesterday I attended  Dynamic Adaptability: New Thinking and New Strategies for the Arts at San Francisco’s Herbst Theatre.  The conference was designed to explore topics resulting from the economic recession and the future of the arts.

Speakers included Jonah Lehrer (neuroscientist), Holly Sidford (Helicon Collaborative),  Marcy Hinand Cady (arts and culture consultant), Rebecca Ratzkin (WolfBrown consultant), Diane Sanchez (East Bay Community Foundation director), Perry Chen (Kickstarter CEO),  James Rucker (ColorofChange.org co-founder), Philip Huang (Dana Street Theater founder), Judilee Reed (Levering Investments in Creativity Executive Director), Cora Mirikitani (CCI President and CEO), Jaime Cortez (SF artist), Margaret Jenkins (CHIME choreographer), Jon Funabiki (SFSU professor of journalism), Hugo Morales (Radio Bilingue co-founder) and Laura Sydell (NPR Arts & Technology Correspondent).

Jonah Lehrer, neuroscientist, is the author of Proust Was a Neuroscientist.  He peeled the layers of decision-making, metacognition, self-control and daydreaming.

A few points:

  1. In decision-making, emotions underline our reasoning.
  2. Metacognition is “…thinking about thinking.”  How do you know something you don’t know?
  3. Self-control and how to allocate your attention to get the most of your decision-making.
  4. Daydreaming builds lasting connections.

More highlights to come…