Artnews: “The Feminist Evolution”

After reading Artnews December 2009 article “The Feminist Evolution,” I’m left feeling optimistic, static and angry.  Judy Chicago states: “Yes, more women are showing. Yes, more women are represented in collections. But they still fit into a meta-male narrative.  One of our goals is to integrate women’s history into the mainstream, so it is no longer a separate, minor phenomenon.  There is still an institutional lag and an insistence on a male Eurocentric narrative.  We are trying to change the future: to get girls and boys to realize that women’s art is not an exception-it’s a normal part of art history.” 

It will be a challenge to change the framework of a system that has remained consistent throughout history.  Especially when society is programmed to think a certain way.  However is this movement a trend or a systematic shift in collective thinking?  Regardless, I will move forward as an artist despite the challenges…

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