Feel Your Boobies

From the website:



The “Are You Doing It?”® Reminder Campaign is the annual Feel Your Boobies

campaign focused on our mission of utilizing unexpected and unconventional

methods to remind young women to “feel their boobies”.

What exactly does unexpected mean? Well, it means you probably won’t see a

“feel your boobies” brochure at the doctor’s office…but you sure as heck might

pass the Boobies Bus® on the freeway, or you might be laying at the beach

and see an airplane towing a banner with our logo during our Boobies @ the

Beach promotion, or, if you’re on Facebook, you just might be lucky enough to

claim a free car magnet or sticker using our Facebook Application.

“Feel Your Boobies” may seem simply like a fun and provocative slogan, but it’s

really our way of asking “Are You Doing It?”® – well….are you?


Feel Your Boobies® was founded in 2004 after our Founder, Leigh Hurst, was

diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. She found her lump simply by

“feeling her boobies”, not through a formal self-breast exam. What originally

started as a few fun t-shirts she designed to remind her friends to “feel their

boobies” has evolved into non-profit Foundation and international campaign

focused on spreading this life saving message to young women using unexpected

and unconventional methods.

Why use unexpected and unconventional methods? Well, based on Leigh’s

experience, many young women tune out messages about breast cancer because

they don’t believe they are at risk or the messages are too clinical. Here at

Boobies Central, we know that research shows that simply “feeling your boobies”

(aka “breast awareness) is just as effective at identifying lumps or other breast

changes as the traditional step-by-step process of “breast self-exams”. And that’s

exactly why we’re here — to give you “a friendly reminder when you least expect

it”. So get feeling girls, and remind a friend to do the same.

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