Why this show?

The motivation for selecting these specific women artists required a great deal of contemplation and reasoning.  First, I wanted to find venues for nonfigurative female artists that share the same quality, work ethic and commitment to the arts.  Having a strong studio practice while maintaining many roles was a mandatory factor.

They all had to share a similar aesthetic value and/or abstract based style.  As you look closely over the group, a pattern or voice comes to focus.  Even though different mediums are used from installation to painting, a similar sensitivity and distinct style surfaces.

Ages, education and background vary and they all didn’t go to the same art schools, grow up in the same neighborhood/city/state or all maintain the same gallery representation.  Diversity was the key to the success of the show.

Personally as an artist, I felt that women weren’t getting equal opportunities and wanted to be an advocate for that specific issue.  Support quality women artists.  After two years of self-reflection, organizing, researching and finally getting the nerve to put this together, I decided to take action.

As a result, a common thread emerges throughout the group.  Quality has no boundaries.

Jenny E. Balisle

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